[Tig] assistants

Jean-Clement Soret jean-c
Tue Jul 12 19:43:01 BST 2005

Hi there, sorry for posting about this so late, it only took me a few weeks
to go through all this. I think Matthieu refers to a situation particular to
France that I have partly contributed to create. France is a small market,
less than 1000 commercials on a good year, the Telecine market is held by a
handful of colourists in Paris. When back in 1997 I moved to MPC in London
with Frank it meant a third of the workforce in commercials Telecine in
Paris had left. The remaining colourists all decided to go free lance, at
some point they even had the same agent (one guy controlled the whole tk
bookings in France). It's true that free lancers don't spend the time to
train other people that could one day crowd the market, only now a few new
talents are emerging. Matthieu has suffered from this situation but there is
always a way for someone who is really motivated and with a good attitude.
Have been in UK for some years and I can tell you that the typical French
attitude of the guy who will refuse to mop the suite because it's not his
job doesn't work here. If you refuse to do what your boss asks you to do,
it's unlikely you will say "yes with pleasure" when the client changes his
mind at 3 am and asks you to redo the whole roll.


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