[Tig] Help troubleshooting an FDL-60

Andreas Wider√łe Andersen andreas
Fri Jul 22 13:04:44 BST 2005

My FDL 60 stopped working today and I need some help troubleshooting and 
locating the problem.

Here's what happened:

I had film running through the scanner when it suddenly stopped. It sounded 
like a splice broke and the film transport stopped as normal. I went into 
the machineroom and checked, but the film was fine and I could smell a very 
weak smell of burnt electronics. I turned off the FDL and waited a few 
minutes before I turned it back on again.

Then, the FDL didn't initialize correctly. No FPN Correction lights came 
on, no lights on the controllpanel and the computer display just shows some 
garbage characters. I hear a buzzing sound from the capstan (film transport 
wheel) where the lights are on. The capstan is spinning. Nothing more is 

I need to try and solve this really quick. My nearest service guys is 3 
countries away at the best so I need to see what I can do myself. I do have 
a spareparts FDL 60 machine.

What could be the problem and what should I look for?


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