[Tig] Topazio's BRRE lab & 3D projection

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Thu Jul 28 19:03:28 BST 2005

> Personally I didn't like the system as I get headaches from the "3D
focus" moving about and not being focused at the screen distance...

One of the main reasons 3D can give a headache is the failure to understand
the fine relationship between convergence, screen size and inter-ocular
distance.  Well done, "user friendly" 3D should not produce headaches at

The simplest example I can offer is that your brain doesn't like it when the
imagery being presented to each eye converges inside your head or behind
you.  This is just one example of the many things that can go wrong with 3D
if the task is not well understood.  There are many other pitfalls, of
course.  I've collected a lot of data on this over the last year or two, as,
among other things, I've been working on a couple of 3D viewing systems.

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