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Chuck Harrison cfharr
Thu Jul 28 10:03:59 BST 2005

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From: Jan Wochna [mailto:jwochna at o2.pl] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 12:44 PM
To: Aylsworth, Wendy
Subject: telecine
Importance: High


Dear Sirs,


I have found your mail address on SMPTE web site.


I am a chemist engineer experienced in technology of photographic
materials but not in digital film transfer and

Recently I was asked to find a complete telecine for film archives in
Lodz, Poland, where I live. The telecine should
be at least of HD type with the possibility of recording the sound
from positive films or optical 35 mm sound


There are three producers in Europe of such equipment, like
CTM-Debrie, ARRI and CINTEL. CTMDebrie is
supposed to be a manufacturer of most complete system for our archives
with sound recording as I described above.


The problem is we are not experts and we cannot compare the different
types of scanners the producers use. I know
SMPTE is studying the problem. I have read one report published in
SMPTE 2003: ?Technological benefits of Cintel
scanners? (from link on Cintel web site).


I should be obliged, if you could send me any suggestions or
directions concerning scanners (telecines).


Sincerely yours,


Jan Wochna

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