[Tig] Polonium

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Dec 1 14:55:48 GMT 2006

> but if you fashioned a fancy western leather belt festooned with  
> 100 ceramic cartridges disguised as .38 caliber bullets or tiny  
> metallic
> replicas of the state of Texas, that would get the job done I believe.

it was pointed out to me tactfully that you need to ingest the Po210,  
so the modus operandi changes and perhaps a hammer and strong
plastic bag enter the scene, to break the ceramic cartridges without  
the stuff escaping containment.   Then you could carefully drill an  
etc.   which is what I understand was the method of delivery.     ahh  
well, forget it about the brushes.

anyway, it's amazing that the Po210 left its signature on all these  
BA planes that are now grounded, and the spy's movements can be traced
pretty accurately.  I wonder if you could somehow manipulate the  
signature of the radiation so that the movements of e.g. 300 million
citizens could be tracked separately by the government.    I guess  
this subject is very near the end of its interest and has veered off  
into boredom for the TIG.


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