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I clearly remember trying to help Dusty out one holiday season. 

Editel had a knack for really poor schwag design, and that Christmas was no exception. Management thought that all employees and clients would love one of these fluorescent hot pink and lime green hunting vests that must have been so popular at the time. So after the holiday party, andfestooned with alcohol, i went to give my fine new hunting vest to Dusty so he might be a little warmer through the holidays. I found him asleep under my 4X4 lying on a sheet of cardboard. (He loved that warm Bronco V6 more than I did). He was a little groggy, but once he came to, I explained to him my kind gesture of the vest. He held it up to the sodium vapor lights at the Editel back alley, mumbled some computations, broke out his pocket slide rule, and proceeded to tell me how he could not possibly accept the vest,  as these saturated colors attracted the wrong angles and would attract alien life forms who would spot him. 

Clearly, Dusty knew his color science.

On the Pulonium thread...a more effective killer in out industry has been Trichlor. I know of at least one action lawsuit by 182 film employees who claim health issues from working around this crap. Where were the health protections for us 20 years ago?



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>> nearby, and Dusty wasn't always to be found near Editel, perhaps he
>> found a way to get all the polonium.
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> I think this poor street person moved to Cinesite down the street in
> Hollywood in the late 1990s.  My fellow employees there (from  
> 2001-2003)
> called him "The Cinebum."

Quite seriously, as Bob Festa and I used to discuss, US East Coast  
clients always had
a different take on fleshtone than US West Coast clients.   East  
Coast: pale, compared to
West Coast tan.   Woody Allen's film "Hollywood Ending" I believe is  
one of his films where
his LA-based characters have regular skin surgery to remove tumors  
caused by the relentless


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