[Tig] Polonium

Kelly Armstrong kelly at avenue-edit.com
Sat Dec 2 14:09:04 GMT 2006

Couple of off the cuff comments here.

1- On my first trip to LA, my initiation to the westcoast 
world of the homeless was a fine fellow on rollerblades 
nonetheless combing the trashcans.  Fantastic!
We had a dreadlock sporting gentleman here (Chicago) years 
ago a bunch of us kept in fine attire.  Once seen carrying 
an Avenue bag.  Good taste.  Haven't seen him in years. 
 We still however, have "the Walking Dude".  Think you can 
find him on the internet as he has become quite the 
mystery here.

2- As far as Bob's comment on Trichlor, we used it at 
Avenue in Chicago for years.  In a building 22 floors up. 
 We'd ventilate it right back into the ceiling.  Nice. 
 I'm sure I have some fallout from inhaling the stuff for 
years.  Or at least can use it for some kind of an excuse 
for my behavior over the years.  Class action lawsuit, 
huh?  Interesting...


>On the Pulonium thread...a more effective killer in out 
>industry has been Trichlor. I know of at least one action 
>lawsuit by 182 film employees who claim health issues 
>from working around this crap. Where were the health 
>protections for us 20 years ago?
>Bob Festa 
>                                       bfesta at ascentmedia.com
>Director of Commercial Imaging              310 434 6000
>R!OT Santa Monica
>>> nearby, and Dusty wasn't always to be found near Editel, 
>>>perhaps he
>>> found a way to get all the polonium.
>>> ------------------------------<snip>------------------------------<
>> I think this poor street person moved to Cinesite down 
>>the street in
>> Hollywood in the late 1990s.  My fellow employees there 
>> 2001-2003)
>> called him "The Cinebum."
>Quite seriously, as Bob Festa and I used to discuss, US 
>East Coast  
>clients always had
>a different take on fleshtone than US West Coast clients. 
>  East  
>Coast: pale, compared to
>West Coast tan.   Woody Allen's film "Hollywood Ending" I 
>believe is  
>one of his films where
>his LA-based characters have regular skin surgery to 
>remove tumors  
>caused by the relentless
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