[Tig] Polonium

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Sat Dec 2 14:17:30 GMT 2006

>  I explained to him my kind gesture of the vest. He held it up to  
> the sodium vapor lights at the Editel back alley, mumbled some  
> computations, broke out his pocket slide rule, and proceeded to  
> tell me how he could not possibly accept the vest,  as these  
> saturated colors attracted the wrong angles and would attract alien  
> life forms who would spot him.
not much difference between alien life forms and the police.   and if  
he wore it under your Bronco no doubt the fluorescence of the fine  
hunting vest would have attracted a bit of unwanted attention.
(n.b.: I know one person who has a collection of pristine Editel  
Tshirts from the 90s, and when I saw the one he was wearing earlier  
this year I was quite envious.)
> On the Pulonium thread...a more effective killer in out industry  
> has been Trichlor. I know of at least one action lawsuit by 182  
> film employees who claim health issues from working around this  
> crap. Where were the health protections for us 20 years ago?
or now, in countries other than the US?  Perchloroethylene is a very  
toxic carcinogen still used in wet gate telecines and film cleaners  
in places where there are no protections for the workers.
See various web refererneces on the subject or a whitepaper at

is Perc still used in the US film industry?   I had heard it was  
being phased out in the dry-cleaning business, ....I always wondered  
why I never saw the children of the dry cleaning workers....


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