[Tig] Polonium

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Sat Dec 2 17:53:08 GMT 2006

> Ah, Perc, wonderful stuff.   Still the mainstay of the dry claning
> industry.

but being phased out in the US for: carcinogenic properties,  
immediate health
concerns (central nervous system damage), birth defects, and  

> Now I reckon it's OK.

but the evidence from numerous studies is just the opposite Peter..   
can you
provide some references?   If you like I'll put up a dozen or so  
study results that
show how dangerous it is to handle, inhale, or release into the  

> the years I must have doused myself in perc about 30 times, at  one  
> gallon
> a time !  Never did me any harm as far as I can tell, others may think
> differently.

And I would reach into the bath of a film cleaner filled with  
Trichlor to retrieve bits
of film that fell into the tank, immersing my arm for up to 30  
seconds fishing out the
offending matter.   With what I know now from various studies, I'd  
recommend a
biosuit and long impermeable gloves to do the same thing.

I think Bob Festa remembers what happened one day at Hollywood  
Digital when
(i may have this wrong) a reactive incident caused several  blocks in  
Hollywood to


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