[Tig] Polonium -- Polonium, $22.50 Plus Tax

Ken Robinson ken at flight4.org
Mon Dec 4 20:23:52 GMT 2006

And how is this going to effect those poor people who are negatively affected by 3G and wifi?


And there are various other articles courtesy of Google.

>>On Sun, December 3, 2006 5:33 am, Sam B. Dlugach wrote:
>> I seem to recall that Nikola Tesla proposed a plan to light New York
>> City wirelessly via huge high-frequency/high voltage primary coils

>http://www.colorist.org/robhome.html Wrote:

>well guess what, wireless power transmission over short distances
>will soon be how you recharge your celphone and other household
>wireless devices.  There was a recent story in one of the science
>journals about this, and as you say it's not a new idea.  Your
>celphone charger will still plug into the wall, but then you can
>just have the phone within a few meters of the device (perhaps
>initially resting on top of a pad) for recharging.

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