[Tig] Preserving flesh tones in cool blue looks

Robert Lovejoy rlovejoy at comcast.net
Wed Dec 13 04:14:54 GMT 2006

Hi Stu,
     I do that with a tier of power windows on the 2k.  Make a neutral 
correction, then open the next tier and paint the scene blue in a window 
that is expanded to fill the whole frame.  Then go to the next tier, 
open another full screen PW, select cascade, and qualify it for flesh tones.
    There are several other ways as well, I'm sure!
Bob Lovejoy
Shooters Post, Philadelphia

Stu Maschwitz wrote:

> I was just watching the opening scene of SPY GAME where Brad Pitt  
> enters the Chinese prison.  I'm impressed with how the skin tones pop  
> out of what is otherwise a completely icy blue scene.  I'd be  
> interested to hear any thoughts about techniques for accomplishing  
> this.  Is it possible with a primary only or is a secondary being  
> used on each shot to warm up the skin tones?
> There are similar scenes in PIRATES 2 where skin tones just pop off  
> the screen in a sea of blue.

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