[Tig] Happy Holidays & Best Wishes for the New Year

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Dec 22 04:29:11 GMT 2006

> This holiday season brings many wishes for peace, happiness and  
> goodwill
> towards man. Peace on Earth begins in each of our hearts and minds.  
> May each one
> of us bring peace to the world one thought at a time.
> Happy Holiday & Best Wishes for the New Year.
> Sharon Adcock

seconded and motion carried by a hopefully unanimous assent of TIG  

I apologize in advance for this digression from our usual topics of  

I would like to add that it seems the world is in crisis in more  
places and for
more people than ever in history, and whatever the causes may be  
(many of
us aware of at least some of the reasons for these conflicts) let's  
hope that
they be resolved with reason, patience and noble intentions, rather  
than with
violence; let's hope civilization can regain the ability to cope with  
poverty, war, and greed.   A quote from a starving person in the Sudan:
"how can a not hungry man know how sleeps hungry man."

In my humble opinion, the answer does not lie in going shopping,  
contrary to
what some world leaders would like you to believe.

Rob Lingelbach

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