[Tig] Spirit for sale

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Tue Dec 26 16:28:35 GMT 2006

This Spirit Machine was bought in 2001, and since then it has been
operating only at aprox 25% of the time.

Telecine Spirit SDC 2001 Philips
Pogle Pandora Listed 4Z99
4  Sony Monitors
VS4 Video sweetener Philips
Film footage encoder Evertz 4025 TR
Film Data decoder Evertz 5550
Dolby SR/A 363
Pogle telecine workstation pbx6001
Digital colour processor Pandora
O2 MIP5 R 5000 180Mhz nª 0800690C96A4con 128 Mb de RAM
U2 n º V1-123
Wave form monitor WFM 300 A Tektronix
Telecine equipped for  35mm, 16mm and Vistavision

Price is : 600.000 €

As an option, also available

Sigma-Filmec rolling machine.

Two air condition machines Amico ( Uniflair ) machines.

A donation was made to the TIG to place this ad.

please contact acarrasco at e-mutation.com

Rob Lingelbach

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