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On Tue, 31 Jan 2006 19:18:50 -0800, Ted Langdell wrote
> >> I have a habit of doing replacement lyrics and titles... how about
> >
> > Of course it's well known that "Some enchanted evening" started out as 
> > "Sam
> > and Janet evening"

well I hope Mike Orton will allow me one last stab at the story of what really 
happened behind Some Enchanted Evening.

It's a well-known fact that George Harrison actually wrote this song, when he was 
12.  A pharmaceutical company was looking for an excitable, energetic group to 
test its new muscle relaxant derivative, and because even at that age George was 
interested in the Krishna movement, they approached him to have an evening of 
celebration modulated by the effects of the new relaxant.   Out of this experience 
came George's tune "Soma Chanted Evening."   The lyricist of South Pacific decided 
to change the words a bit....   

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