[Tig] DaVinci Master Colorist Awards

Michael Orton mike
Wed Feb 1 22:51:15 GMT 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Hi everyone,

I?m posting the announcement of the 3rd year of these awards here on the
TIG, since I?m sure it will be of interest to a substantial number of TIG
readers. It?s always a hard call, picking the ?best? work, but anything that
showcases our art & science in a positive light (if you?ll pardon the
several puns) is surely worthy of support.

I hope we'll be able to post the winners' names, and perhaps links to clips
of their work.

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. - Jan. 25, 2006 - da Vinci Systems is accepting entries
for its third annual Master Colorist Awards competition. Show reel
submissions may be submitted now through March 22 in four categories: TV and
long form, theatrical release, music video, and commercial. Winners will be
announced on Tuesday, April 25 at 5:00p.m. in da Vinci's booth, SL713, at
NAB2006 in Las Vegas. The winning entries will be played on the da Vinci
booth, along with all other submissions, throughout the exhibition. Each
winner will receive an iPod? Video in addition to a plaque noting their
accomplishments and highlighting their prominence in the entertainment
An international panel of industry experts - including leading colorists,
directors of photography, journalists, and past MCA winners - will serve as
judges in the 2006 competition.
To learn more about entering show reels in the Master Colorist Awards
competition or in the judging panel, visit www.davsys.com/mca.htm.


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