[Tig] Colorists beware

Mark Harmon markh
Wed Feb 1 23:45:31 GMT 2006

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New Scientist reports that Viag-ra may alter your color perception :-

"Men taking high doses of Viag-ra report seeing a blue haze,
but until now nobody has studied whether normal doses of the drug affect 
And since most people turn off the lights after taking Viag-ra,
such side effects are likely to be under-reported."

"Glen Jeffery, at the UK's Institute of Ophthalmology in London and four 
of his
colleagues decided to investigate - all in the name of science, of 
course - and
took a standard 100-milligram dose of Viag-ra. "A little while after 
taking it
I thought, 'Who changed the light bulbs,'" says Jeffery."

"To test if the drug disrupted their ability to pick out changes in 
images against a
blue background, the men watched a flashing red circle on a blue screen.
Each found that their ability to distinguish very high-frequency flashes 
solid patterns was reduced for up to two hours after taking the pill."


Not that Colorists would need any help in the bedroom of course  ; )

Mark Harmon
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