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Marc Wielage mfw
Fri Feb 3 05:50:16 GMT 2006

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On 1/23/06 8:32 AM, "Rob Lingelbach" <rob at colorist.org> wrote:

> I dare anyone: go to the top audio house near you that has turntables. bring
> with you a copy of the Rolling Stones' "Under My Thumb" on vinyl LP, and on
> CD. Compare them, except for the turntable, on the same system..  You'll be
> an android for a week.

I'm the only guy in LA that I know in my circle of friends who still has
working turntables, and I have four or five of them (and a few thousand LPs,
too).  My favorite is the Nakamichi Dragon, which is a rare turntable that
automatically centers each record, virtually eliminating any wow in
off-center pressings, which I use in my home studio to transcribe old vinyl
recordings to digital.

That having been said, the SACD reissue of AFTERMATH (the album on which
"Under My Thumb" was first released) is gigantically better than any vinyl
pressing of the album I've ever heard.  I'm not a big Stones fan, but the
remastering effort Abkco did on this series is phenomenal -- whether you
listen to the SACD or CD layer.  Go get the SACD reissues and listen for

I do agree that in some cases, the original LP can sometimes sound better
than newer CD reissues of the same song, especially when some moronic
mastering engineer has slammed the crap out of it and squashed all of the
dynamic range out of the music -- the aural equivalent of "blowing out all
the whites" in every scene in a telecine session, whether the scene needs it
or not.

(And my apologies to the group for an off-topic post.)

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