[Tig] Re: More digital projector questions

Jim Houston jim.houston
Tue Feb 7 15:57:39 GMT 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG

On Feb 7, 2006, at 6:20 AM, Digital Praxis wrote:
> Certainly not seeing hotspotting - but the viewing angle in a DI room 
> is fairly narrow, so it's unlikely to be an issue.
> The better bet is to go Barco DP90, or Christie CP2000-X with zero 
> gain screen - but the cost differential is a tad large...

Umm, a 1.0 gain screen would look better than a zero gain screen (which 
is a black wall :-) I know you just mis-typed.

Although the viewing angle in a DI room is small, even a 1.4 gain can 
cause a brightness difference
between where the client sits and where the colorist is working. 
(assuming they are not both huddled
in front of the monitor).  I've seen this difference myself.

So I agree with you that a DI room should have a unity gain screen.

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