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Laurence Claydon laurence
Mon Feb 20 16:46:03 GMT 2006

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Hi Jeff,

I haven't seen images from the new SXRD projector (and would be
interested...). We recently acquired a Qualia 004 for HD dailies on the
new Bond picture, and it is just about bright enough for a 10ft picture
width with contrast at 1400:1. Remember here that any 3D preview LUT for
Film will be aiming for 5400K colour temperature (x=0.335, y=0.350) and
that you will lose a few ftL or so in the process. Gamma tracking also
needs a bit of a wiggle even to match a BVM-D monitor, but Sony supply
some handy software called 'Image Director', which despite being aimed
at the consumer is actually quite useful! I also need to find out
whether one can adjust convergence in the field (as it does shift in

I have been looking for a decent, portable machine for location work for
a while. Despite cost, the NEC iS8-2k (no-one else makes a 2k DLP this
size) still has it in terms of portability/screen size, proper
DLP-Cinema colour management and complete compatibility/repeatability
with the bigger NEC/Barco/Christie stuff in the DI houses. Nothing else
really cuts it at the moment.

I am promised that there will be a few small 2k's on the way soon from
other manufacturers ('bout time!)

Laurence Claydon
Bell Theatre Services Ltd

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On Feb 20, 2006, at 6:55 AM, Laurence Claydon wrote:

> For DI try and avoid a projector which uses a metal-halide light 
> source (like the Mercury 5000 range) as these have big peaks in blue 
> and yellow and not a lot else.

So what about the new $10,000 US (list) Sony SXRD projector -- which is
1920 x 1080 and has a real xenon lamp?  They can be had for about $8000
in the US.  How does it compare to others of similar ilk?

It uses a slightly smaller SXRD device (.63 diagonal, I think) than the
Qualia 004, and has a fixed zoom lens.  But of course the lens is
included, unlike the Qualia.

Obviously, these aren't in the same league as the big machines, but
might work well in a lower-end DI room with perhaps an 8 foot screen
(which still beats a 32" monitor, especially if it's less expensive).

Jeff "always curious" Kreines

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