[Tig] "subtractive" saturation - does it look better?

glenn chan glennchan
Wed Feb 22 08:23:34 GMT 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
I'm currently in the early stages of writing some open source color
enhancement plug-ins.  One of the main goals is to try out various
algorithms on how to make images look better.  One of the things is
saturation.  The TIG wiki has pictures of 3 different methods:


I came up with one of the methods, which I call "subtractive" saturation.
Think subtractive color.  You have a white surface and you add more paint to
it.  That's basically what subtractive saturation is.  Unlike chroma or HSL,
this does darken the image.  The "paint" absorbs some of the light.

As the colorists' joke goes:  "We can make it look different."  What I would
like to know is:  Does it look BETTER?

2- I noticed that the monitor does make a difference.  I have dual monitors
on my PC and my preference for the night scene flops depending on what
monitor I'm looking at.  This does complicate things.. I will likely assume
some margin of error.

Your opinions would be appreciated!  Thanks.

Glenn Chan
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