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G.I.O. tfg1
Wed Feb 22 20:47:51 GMT 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Like the name says, the Sta-Put product was designed to remain in
contact with the projector's cam mechanism during the times the machine
was not in use. If the oil were allowed to drain off, the follower could
potentially score into the cam until such time as the oil had a chance
to recoat it.

Many modern industrial lubricants made today would possess the same
"clinging" properties as the Sta-Put product which was created more than
30 years ago. A suitable substitute should not be that hard to find.

One of our last contacts with RCA parts included the purchase of oil for
our TP66 and we were supplied with a product called Sliderite 68. The
service engineer there at the time said this product would work just

George Odell
TFG Transfer

Ted Langdell wrote:

> I'm curious to know what's special about the formulation.

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