[Tig] Colour Grading Environment Setup

Rory Hinds rory
Thu Feb 23 19:40:13 GMT 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Hi there

I'm new to the TIG and have been reading along for some time now.

I run a small production/post production business called MINE.


And have been using FinalTouchHD for almost a year now.
I'd like to setup my room to better accommodate colour grading and would
like some advise on how to go about it.

I know I should have a white/grey reference card with a bright white light
to use as a natural colour calibrator for the human eye but don't know where
to start.

What have do you used for your reference board?
What paint is used for the Grey colour of the board?
What light do you use for the "surround" illumination field?

I see eCinema have a product for this but their pricing is a bit high.

My background isn't of the traditional colourist. I haven't trained on
DaVinci or anything like that.

I started grading using Adobe After Effects and various plug-ins about 7
years ago and my clients seem to think that I have a good eye, and I must
say I do really love Colour Grading.

Making the leap from After Effects/Final Cut Pro to FinalTouchHD with the
control surfaces was a major investment for us and we are moving in the
right direction with regard to attracting clients to work on the system.

Any advice on how to set up an indie room would be much appreciated

Many thanks 

Rory Hinds


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