[Tig] Projection Screen for Film Grading

Florentijn Bos floor
Fri Feb 24 10:25:11 GMT 2006

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Hello fellow color-mongers,

We are in major transition to a new building and are also advancing our pipeline for digital intermediate. We've been doing filmgrading for a few years now already using a Baselight with a Truelight calibrated Sony FW900 CRT. But times change thus we are going to project in the filmgrading suite. Now a lot is clear already, we can calibrate the reflected light using the Truelight probe, proper levels of grey on the surrounding area, excellent dimmable light, etc.

But one thing keeps confusing me, wich projection screen to choose? Wich reflective fabric, and wich color? white, broken white, or light grey? Projection resellers keep telling different story's, some say grey is for video grading and white for film, but others claim the exact opposite.

Anyone experience in this field? I would love to hear all of your experiences, preferably without flaming eachother :)

Thanks for the help,
Florentijn Bos
Filmmore Amsterdam

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