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I do want to stay in the land of Switzerland here but there is a projector
that has been press released from Christie that is 4000 lumens, 1920 X 1080
DLP unit with a yellow notch filter that will swing you into P3 color space
or very very close. It's model number is the DW5KC you can get to it on the
Christie site.

If you have any further questions I can be reached through my e-mail
Best regards

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>We have been installing projectors for just over three years now and
the one thing I can be sure of is that projectors are a very personal

Colin-- Any recommendations on a projector for a medium sized theatre
(12' x 20ft screen, 43' throw). I've been told I need at least 5k
lumens. But finding something that is at the least 1920 1080P capable,
for under US$50k, is proving difficult. There are several good, but much
brighter projectors and much more expensive, and many much smaller ones.
All I've found so far is the Sanyo PLV100 or 150. They've got the specs,
and are only $30k. I think there may be a Barco, but I've not found a
dealer yet or pricing, I suspect that they're above my budget too. I
don't need 2k, just HDCAM level would suffice.

Steven Bradford
Collins College
Tempe Arizona

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