[Tig] "subtractive" saturation - does it look better?

Rob Lingelbach rob
Fri Mar 3 19:29:05 GMT 2006

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On Fri, 3 Mar 2006 11:28:18 -0600 (CST), Bob Friesenhahn wrote

> Regardless of the effect if tweeter 
> quality on sound reproduction, we also know that 
> midrange is extremely important since that is where 
> most sounds (e.g. human voice) are heard and a lack 
> of clarity in the midrange area leads to poor intelligibility.

That is a very good description of the tendency in US urban society to 
overemphasize the low end and the high end at the expense of the midrange
in mobile and home audio systems.  I hadn't thought of it in terms of intelligibility 
before, but there might be implications that "intelligence" in audio is of low 
importance to the majority of consumers, ...  perhaps the same idea could be 
applied to video, and could even be reflected in the intelligence of the consumer (a 
very incorrect, politically speaking, statement, and not meant to offend) :-).
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