[Tig] TP-66 Projector intermittent oil sample just arrived...

Ted Langdell ted
Tue Mar 14 05:00:08 GMT 2006

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You might remember I was looking for oil for the TP-66's 
intermittent... and George passed on what the RCA service folks told 
him 20 years ago... use SlideRite?68.  Which is still made... and 
Citigo said they'd send a sample.  OK.  That's cool.

Doorbell  rang this morning... and as I looked out the center window of 
the door, I could see two guys from "Brown"  (UPS) walking away to 
their truck.

Looked over on the porch behind the brick wall and there's this red 
Citigo SlideRite68? lubricant.


I kinda had a feeling this would happen.


The only other size they sell is a 55 Gallon Drum!

Does this cause any of our readers to contemplate how to get a sample 
of something with a bit different chemical makeup (like a CH compound) 
in order to conduct BRRE analysis?

Five gallons.   Now if I could get Thomson to "sample" me a Spirit...


I'm still laughing... and wondering whether I should buy some small 
containers in case other TP-66 users might need some lube!

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