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Ronald Williams rwilliams
Fri Mar 24 18:23:08 GMT 2006

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I have had similar discussions with Sony about this very topic.
A little background. The SMPTE spec. for Luminance on a Window pattern is 35 Ft L. Yes  it 
is. (as the Chair of that committee and co author) read it!!  As I have traveled the 
world's post houses,  most setup to 30!  Why, if the spec first written in 1988, -  since 
revised ( for other reasons) is still 35,  are post houses using 30??? It goes back to 
another Sony monitor issue. The 1910 could only output 30 before the beam spread broke out 
and it started to defocus the beam and bloom. So that was the breaking point. It was many 
years before they changed the tube and power supply to be able to go to 35 - or higher and 
not have the beam defocus. The new generation of CRTs can handle the higher level and 
still hold the beam and not bloom. But  ?.. Because we are creatures of habit -- nobody 
would go to the spec of 35!  When we asked why? "Because that is the way we always have 
done it". Is it correct? NO! Is it to the spec -NO!  Now some intelligent houses realized 
this and said " OK we are to the spec", but the others that didn't move forward had a 
problem with interchange. Now here we are with old and new. So to stem the tide most of 
the New decided to stay true to the spec but make interchange easier and went to 33 FtL. 
So if you ask about what is the setting?? You can get a varied answer.

Now, to your other question about the HD monitors. Gee the story gets to be the same old 
problem with a giant step backwards. The HD $40K USD monitor can only output about 22 FtL 
before the beam ??.. you know. So although the 35 FtL is still in the HD spec,  the Sony 
monitor can't output it--well it can,  but with consequences. Back to the 1910 days. So 
Sony for the longest time was trying to convince the industry that the HD spec was 20 FtL. 
Because that?s all it could do and still make a sharp picture.

Yes you can run them higher, and yes it beam will spread, and yes the tube life will 
decrease. So the conclusion is to : 1) run to spec with issues. 2) save the tube and what 
ever life you can save, for who knows how long.

  The monitor itself has a long list of issues as many of you have experienced. As well as 
its not what you think it is --Issues.

As I said in my presentation at the HPA -- "We don't have a display for the signals we 
use" -- But the consumers Do !!!!

R Williams
clients at landmarkcolor.com

Wayne Veitschegger wrote:
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> Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
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> You've got good timing.  Just this week, Sony has been to all the major post houses here on the left coast, dropping the hammer on CRT replacement for the BVM-D series monitors.  One of the topics that was discussed was Sony's spec, and what the monitors are usually setup at.  Here at Post Logic we run them at 28.5 ftL.  
> Needless to say, we had a lively discussion about CRT life expectancy, possible ways to extend the useful life, real world operations, warranties, service contracts, etc., etc.  
> So, I also would also like to know what the rest of the community is running them at and hear/read some dialogue on the topic.
> Cheers,
> Wayne Veitschegger l Chief Engineer l Post Logic Studios  (323) 461 7887 x346  
> WayneV at postlogic.com
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> Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
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> Question for out there.
> Here at Nice Shoes we are running our D32" Sonys at 30fl. I know that 
> Sony spec is for 20fl @ 100IRE. What is the general settings in NYC and 
> the rest of the country?
> Thanks
> Ken Ryp

Ronald Williams


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