[Tig] Toshiba/Canon SED display

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Tue Mar 28 21:36:00 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
The new Canon/Toshiba SED was shown in prototype form at CES in January by 
Canon and Toshiba.  The models displayed were only 720p prototypes as the 
1080p product was not ready for the show.  Launch is scheduled for Mid 2006 
in Japan with US distribution in late 2006.  Toshiba and Canon have a huge 
investment in this technology that show much promise.  I spoke with a Canon 
rep familiar with the project several weeks ago and he stated that the SED 
display is intended to be a consumer level product and that there no current 
plans to design and market the product as an HD capable production monitor.

"Has anyone on the list had any experience of Toshiba SED
I havn't seen a Plasma LCD that you could calibrate anywhere
near to a CRT  - they all have contrast ratios that make them
unsuitable for print emulation they leak light, have a poor viewing
angle etc. They  both seem very limited  technologies.

I  hope that SED lives upto the hype and is superior to
CRT - anyone tested one out yet?"

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