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Ronald Williams rwilliams
Wed Mar 29 13:29:07 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Here is a update :
The 50 inch SED from C/T will be out in distribution in Q4 of 07, as a consumer unit.

I did work on the SED under contract to C/T starting with the 30 inch 720 unit back in 
2004. I measured the unit at that time to be 15K:1 as a prototype.
The units shown at CES were 50 inch pre production units. Just about finial.The delay is 
in building production lines.The first big order is going to the Olympics in China.

I am now on a team that is starting work with C/T on a pro version. It has taken a long 
time and many meetings to convince them to do this. After they showed a unit at the  Tech 
Fair in Tokyo last year, the they claimed to be 100K:1 (yes, film neg) we know it can be 
done! So I don't see a pro version out for at least 2 yrs. But that is OK. With a good 
HDSDI to HDMI converter --all is well.

If you haven't seen it --- It is the Holy Grale.It is a CRT without a gun and better.
As we said at HPA - several speakers said it is the only light for us in the near future- 
if C/T don't screw it up!

Ron Williams

Undisclosed Undisclosed wrote:
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> Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
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> The new Canon/Toshiba SED was shown in prototype form at CES in January 
> by Canon and Toshiba.  The models displayed were only 720p prototypes as 
> the 1080p product was not ready for the show.  Launch is scheduled for 
> Mid 2006 in Japan with US distribution in late 2006.  Toshiba and Canon 
> have a huge investment in this technology that show much promise.  I 
> spoke with a Canon rep familiar with the project several weeks ago and 
> he stated that the SED display is intended to be a consumer level 
> product and that there no current plans to design and market the product 
> as an HD capable production monitor.
> "Has anyone on the list had any experience of Toshiba SED
> displays?
> I havn't seen a Plasma LCD that you could calibrate anywhere
> near to a CRT  - they all have contrast ratios that make them
> unsuitable for print emulation they leak light, have a poor viewing
> angle etc. They  both seem very limited  technologies.
> I  hope that SED lives upto the hype and is superior to
> CRT - anyone tested one out yet?"
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