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Hi, Peter and all who have responded through the TIG or offline...


Your comments have been very helpful. Thanks a bunch to TIG reader  
David Daniel in Argentina who passed on my query to a/the gentleman  
in the UK who maintains and upgrades Marconis.

He e-mailed me and provided some interesting background.

I'm not sure whether I'd run afoul of the advertising rule by  
mentioning his name or e-mail address, so I won't unless Rob says  
that's OK.  ROB??

The UK engineer tells me that Marconi sold 84 machines from 1985-89  
and about 50 are in use around the world.

There were four versions. Ver. 1 had the monitoring overbridge. V2  
did not.  V3 and V4 "very much updated" added new capabilities or  
improving on others, from what his e-mail indicates.

V3 added variable speed as standard, compared to fixed speeds in the  
previous machines. A Lexicon interface was available. V4 was V3  
without the overbridge.

He says about 25 machines were initially installed in US , and that  
many are still operational. Some of the US machines have found new  
homes outside the US.

I can name where two are and two others may be. Where're the rest of  

He says most US machines used Sunburst Secondary Color Correctors,  
European facilities preferred daVinci Renaissance or Pandora - Pogle.

Again, thanks all for the information and suggestions.


(Not affiliated with or promoting any technical services I may have  
mentioned in the course of this e-mail.)

On Oct 31, 2006, at 2:35 AM, Peter Swinson wrote:

> Ted,
> Looks like it to me though I have not seen one for years and years.
> They were built to a military spec so should be pretty reliable.
> While at Cintel we reckoned their cost to build was about twice  
> what they
> sold for. However Marconi was always a "military contract" type  
> company, I
> know I used to work for them,  So cost plus was the norm !
> Just to check; if the whole deckplate etc assembly can be pivoted  
> about the
> centre, so the rear can be flipped to the front for service, then  
> it is
> indeed a B3410.
> Afraid I don't know who may have tech service details, in the UK,  
> Filmatic,
> who becameTodd Ao used to have a couple.
> cheers
> Peter Swinson
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