[Tig] Re: Marconi B3410 Telecine

Jp Aaton jp at aaton.com
Wed Nov 1 17:53:21 GMT 2006

1/11/06 17:12  Rob Houllahan <lunarfilms at mindspring.com>

> I have "heard" that the pic from this machine is worse than a FDL60
> which is very bad.

Beware of here say ;-)
We installed several Keylink keycode readers
on Marconi telecines and the last time I saw images on the
Color by Dejongue revamped machine  <dirk at color-by-dejonghe.com>
I found them on a par if not better than the FDL90's ones.
i.e. excellent for SD rushes.

John Bowring <jbowring at ozemail.com.au> can also tell you more
about this workhorse.

I am not 100% sure but I think Marconi was the first
to incorporate a 14bit depht image processor in a telecine.
Peter will either confirm or get me laughed out of town.


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