[Tig] Re: Marconi B3410 Telecine

Steven Bradford sbradford at collinscollege.edu
Wed Nov 1 18:54:29 GMT 2006

>You can get really good performance from a Rank MKIII-Turbo or URSA and
they are plentiful, and later (90's versions ) are very reliable. 

Don't count on it though. We've had a lot of trouble with ours (URSA)
that we bought used in the last year, That had upgrades and maintenance
up till 2000, (new pecs). Buying used is always a crap shoot, and if
you're not in an area where you have a local qualified engineer to call
on for on site visits, you can end up with a very large boat anchor. We
get usable pix for a few hours at a time, separated by weeks of no
picture, though we still hope to resolve the problem by flying in a
Cinetel expert. 

Crossing our fingers, cause we're spending a lot on sending out of state
for unsupervised transfers. 

Steven Bradford 
School of Film, Video and Visual FX
Collins College
Tempe Arizona

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