[Tig] Re: Marconi B3410 Telecine

Peter Swinson peter_swinson at compuserve.com
Thu Nov 2 17:31:38 GMT 2006


I think you are right, the Marconi B3410 used front end digitisation before
Cintel, unless my memory fails me.

Now don't start me off, but here goes my recollection.

MK3's went through several iterations of digiscan, but all were after the
colour corrector, so did not need 14 bit. However we digitised long before
rec 601 came along, but we were there with a REC 601 store right at the
beginning. I seem to remember that just Sony & Cintel had this standard
matched in the early days.

Of course many claim the first digital MK3 came out of Image Transform. In
those days I.T. was filled with great boffin types such as Gavin Shutz, Sam
Holtz, I think Mike Kaye and many others. Gavin never stops reminding me
that they invented the digiscan.  

Of course URSA, ah those were the days, was Cintels foray into everything
digital, not before Marconi, but pretty close. And Ursa certainly long
outlasted the B3410.

Now I could tell you a story about how Alan Mcilwaine and I pinned down the
Marconi B3410 salesman by sitting either side of him on a flight from
Moscow to the UK way back in Iron Curtain days. We poured great amounts of
alcohol into him, he was only a little lad, and  soon we had all the
competitive info we needed. Of course Alan and I had the same amount of
alcohol but as you know we were used to it,. Alan if you are reading this,
remember the beer cans flying  up and down the plane. Disgraceful, but it
was a long time ago.



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