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Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Nov 3 11:42:28 GMT 2006

Available for Hire


Expert Lustre colorist with extensive experience seeks position  
taking advantage of full range of Lustre talent, including editing  
and grading. Excellent attitude and references, willing to work  
worldwide. References and CV available on request.

replies to lustre1 at colorist.org

FREELANCE COLOURIST AVAILABLE Freelance colourist familiar with  
spirit, spirit 2,daVinci 2k plus, daVinci resolve software grading  
system available for worldwide employment. I am experienced in both  
short form and digital intermediates. Please contact Martin via email  
at colourblonde at hotmail.com or visit my website at http:// 


Jim Mann is now back in the USA. A daVinci 2k plus specialist, Aaton  
Keylink, all telecines (OK I never ran a Marconi) Contact Jim in the  
USA at Mobile 516-250-0909 or Email jfmann at optonline.net Gather more  
info at:



Positions Available

Experienced Telecine engineer needed!!!! Job responsibilities include  
maintenance of telecine machines. Qualified applicant will have  
minimum of 2 years experience.

Must have experience with the following:

Spirit Telecine
DaVinci 2k
Evertz equipment
Dual Sync dailies
Must be willing to work swing OR graveyard shift. contact  
pweese at ascentmedia.com


Set up of TAF, sizing and evaluation of telecine to insure proper  

Proper interpretation of film according to photographers and  
producers specs.

Comprehensive understanding of VIP transfers.

Film must be properly framed, focused and transferred at the  
prescribed specs.

Communicate to operations any problems with materials upon arrival or  

Protect client elements from damage at all times

Interact positively with clients and other team members

Communicate with operations about progress of sessions

Leave the bay in an orderly fashion for the next session.

For dailies, accurate negative reports, proper logging procedures

Other duties as needed or requested

Ensure all material is properly prepared according to spec. sheets to  
ensure a smooth final color process

Stop sessions and communicate to operations if a problem is observed  
that will adversely affect efforts downstream from dailies


Full command of telecine systems such as URSA, Mark III, Quadra,  
Diamond, Spirit, C Reality Da Vinci and Pogle.

Able to perform scene to scene color correction, noise reduction,  
image enhancement and other processing for film to tape and tape to  
tape transfers. Sophisticated eye for color. contact  
pweese at ascentmedia.com


The Condor Brussels office is looking for a senior COLOURIST.


Please, contact Kristin Van Hest, Kristin at condor.tv

More information about Condor: www.condor.tv



Colorists with experience on Quantel iQ and Autodesk Lustre needed  
for immediate openings at Pixion in Mumbai, India.

Conditions excellent with opportunity for involvement at every stage  
in the DI process. Please contact

sandeep at pixion.tv

Items available. upon sale a contribution to the TIG is most  
appreciated. seller or buyer please inform rob at colorist.org upon  
completion of deal thank you

TLC2 Available

DaVinci TLC2 system, 2-chassis model. 3:2 field accurate editing,  
tape-to-tape. Currently set up for BTS Quadra. Dual-Sync capable with  
simple user mods. Software version 6.93L. Recently serviced/inspected  
by DaVinci expert engineer. Ideal for HD/SD editing requiring dual  
sync/field accurate 3:2 editing.

Contact Grace McKay 949-838-0001 or email grace at electricpictures.la


2 Quantel iQs with Qcolor For Sale

We're looking to sell one or both of our iQs. Both machines have  
Qcolor. One has 6 hours of 2k and the other has 3 hours of 2k. Both  
machines have been under full support since purchased and have a full  
Qcare support contract for two more years - parts and software  
upgrades included. 3.5 rev14p1 currently installed on both.

We're selling them because we no longer need them. Units are  
currently in production but readily available for inspection on site  
in Stockholm.

Reasonable offers will be entertained and a TIG contribution will be  


Chris Noellert - Digital Post Technical Director - chris at frithiof.se

Tel: +46 8 450 450 00 Fax: +46 8 450 450 01 Dir: +46 8 450 450 17  
Mob: +46 7 024 616 31 http://www.filmteknik.se


ITK Y-Front with 8:8:8 DUI For Sale
We are looking to sell our ITK Y-Front with Davinci 8:8:8 DUI system.  
The system includes an MNR 11 noise reducer, a Leitch Still Store,  
Aaton Keykode reader, 16 and 35 mm dry and wetgates. The system is in  
very good condition.

For pricing and questions contact :

higgins_matt at yahoo.co.uk

A contribution to the TIG will be made.


--Rob Lingelbach 06:55, 2 October 2006 (PDT)

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