[Tig] for sale:

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Sun Nov 5 03:13:59 GMT 2006

2 Quantel iQs with Qcolor For Sale

We're looking to sell one or both of our iQs. Both machines have  
Qcolor. One has 6 hours of 2k and the other has 3 hours of 2k. Both  
machines have been under full support since purchased and have a full  
Qcare support contract for two more years - parts and software  
upgrades included. 3.5 rev14p1 currently installed on both.

We're selling them because we no longer need them. Units are  
currently in production but readily available for inspection on site  
in Stockholm.

Reasonable offers will be entertained and a TIG contribution will be  


Chris Noellert - Digital Post Technical Director - chris at frithiof.se

Tel: +46 8 450 450 00 Fax: +46 8 450 450 01 Dir: +46 8 450 450 17  
Mob: +46 7 024 616 31 http://www.filmteknik.se


ITK Y-Front with 8:8:8 DUI For Sale
We are looking to sell our ITK Y-Front with Davinci 8:8:8 DUI system.  
The system includes an MNR 11 noise reducer, a Leitch Still Store,  
Aaton Keykode reader, 16 and 35 mm dry and wetgates. The system is in  
very good condition.

For pricing and questions contact :

higgins_matt at yahoo.co.uk

A contribution to the TIG will be made.

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