[Tig] Grouping XLR outputs to a stereo signal

Arnell Patscott arnell at cuttersinc.com
Mon Nov 6 15:20:18 GMT 2006

I have found great luck with the Gaines audio products in converting balanced audio to unbalanced audio (-10 to +4 and back).  http://www.gainesaudio.com/

My favorite has been the Gaines 642, which does 2 channels in both directions. For some reason, it is the one product that is omitted on the website. If memory serves me, it is about $200 USD. I have been using dozens of these for 15 years and have not had a failure. 

Most times if you call them you can speak to John Gaines, who makes them. He can explain to you why an active circuit is preferred over a transformer, and if correctly designed, will give you great common mode rejection, and allow better low end response, while giving you high impedance input. 

I do not work for Gaines, and have no connection, other than being a user of their products.

Arnell Patscott
arnell at cuttersinc.com
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> On 10/29/06, Michael Poimboeuf <mkp at poimboeuf.com> wrote:
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> > By far the best for BetaSP to DV-DVCAM decks in
> > particular, and for Pro to Consumer levels in general that I've used is
> > the Jensen PC2xR:
> > http://www.jensen-transformers.com/pc2xr.html
> > A balun with a transformer like this gives you fantastic CMRR hum rejection.
> What would be the difference between a box like this and something
> like an "inline" balun adapter such as the ones made by Canare or
> Neutrik, except for the RCA vs BNC connectors? It's a bit of a pain
> when you have to deal with a mix of BNC and XLR audio connectors in
> your equipment racks, especially if you have a manual patch panel.
> Should you convert all XLR connections to BNC/coax and use a video
> style patch panel, or convert the BNC/coax connections to XLR and use
> an audio-style patch panel?
> I guess this is getting a bit far from telecines...
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