[Tig] Grouping XLR outputs to a stereo signal

Micheletti, Bob (NBC Universal) bob.micheletti at nbcuni.com
Mon Nov 6 18:55:08 GMT 2006

>Jean-Francois Panisset wrote:
> What would be the difference between a box like this and something
> like an "inline" balun adapter such as the ones made by Canare or
> Neutrik, except for the RCA vs BNC connectors? 


I think you are confusing the AES (digital) transformers made by 
Canare and Neutrik with the type made by Jensen.  They are designed 
to match AES (digital) XLR lines to AES/BNC connections.  The AES/XLR
specification is for 110 ohm and the AES/BNC is 75 ohm.  This type
of transformer was never intended to pass analog audio and would not 
be appropriate for connecting analog balanced audio to unbalanced RCA 

Bob Micheletti
Universal Pictures

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