[Tig] web forum based-TIG anyone?

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Mon Nov 13 21:23:20 GMT 2006

How many subscribers would be interested in switching the TIG over to  
a web-based forum interface, where there would be Categories ->  
Forums -> Posts  (and replies to posts);  with
multiple categories, multiple forums, and 3 interesting email  
options: 1) you receive an internet email with link to any forum you  
have toggled as "watch"; 2) you can send private (non-internet)
mail to other users of the forum; 3) you can choose if you want to be  
notified via regular (internet) email of any private message waiting  
for you in your web inbox.

Also includes personal profiles; "locking" of topics (not sure what  
that's all about); moving, deleting, and splitting of topics;  
memberlist lookup (configurable to keep internet email addresses
hidden); easy forum selection.

We have the wiki for content, a blogging package (wordpress) that I  
don't think will catch on, but someone had requested a more forum- 
oriented TIG.  I wanted to combine a forum-based
interface with the main mailinglist, but that doesn't look possible  
right now (yet).    I don't think we should change the TIG if it's  
not for something better, and there are still people who prefer
internet email-based mailinglists, where you don't have to access the  
web to see what's posted.    (but I'm someone comfortable at a VT100  
terminal without a browser, so what do I know.
I also use a text-based browser a lot of the time (lynx) because it's  
super fast and runs from a terminal window; I don't think a web forum  
would work very well with lynx.)

The Open Source package is called phpBB2 and I thank Christian  
Lessner for suggesting it.


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