[Tig] The tapeless post prod environnement

Simon Cuff simon.cuff at digitalvision.se
Thu Nov 9 23:45:01 GMT 2006

Dear Michel,

I think this is easier when you start from scratch with a new facility and
new kit. Harder when you have to transition from linear solutions.

A Punto La Pospo in Barcelona and more recently Chimney Pot in Moscow have a
tapeless environment inside the facility and the only time tape is used is
when the client requests a tape delivery. This is probably the last thing
that will go.

A Punto La Pospo are definitely ground breaking in terms of their approach.
They have various shared storage solutions to provide non-linear tapeless
editing, VFX and grading. One lights, best lights, conforms, masters are all
produced using data files on disk and there is not tape involved whatsoever.

Chimney in Moscow are just setting up a similar facility from the ground up
that is modeled on their operations in Stockholm, Oslo and Warsaw.

I think that there will be a big shift over the next 2 years as this
technology has matured and is more predictable, mainstream and accepted by

Simon Cuff.
Digital Vision.

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I am curious at finding where we are now regarding the concept of a tapeless

path from telecine/production  to end output.

 Has any house installed an all data environnement where sound, picture 
timing , offline and F/x are all done by accessing a main file server ?
With no final masters but a "virtual" master from which you can pull any 
english, french, international, PAL, NTSC, long short version and this new 
file is just shipped over to the client ?

Is there a will to get rid of all videotapes one day ?  and if there is, how

far are we from that day ?

I was discussing this with coworkers and any subject (tape handling vs file 
handling, security, versions, storing...)  seemed to raise more questions 
than answers...

just curious as to what is the state of the matter now, and where are we 
I am 46 now :  will I  retire before seing this glorious day ?

Michel Lapointe

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