[Tig] Advice wanted finding assistant colorist for microbudgeted doc

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Tue Nov 14 20:33:48 GMT 2006

> I'm in post-production on a microbudgeted documentary on Grammy- 
> nominated cult band The Bobs (think Manhattan Transfer meets Monty  
> Python via Jimi Hendrix).  I'm looking for someone to do a quick  
> color-correction pass and thought someone might know an asistant  
> colorist looking to move up (preferably in Los Angeles) who would  
> be willing to help me (for a rate ranging from free to drastically  
> reduced).

hope someone can help you Alex.   I was at Woodstock and a friend of  
mine who has no compunctions or shyness got the three of us  
backstage.  We were a few yards from Hendrix at one point.... the  
friend was
Albert Goodman, who recently sold the B&W (1/2") video footage of  
bits of the show to the Hendrix estate, for an undisclosed sum.    
Albert now has an estate in Michigan :)


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