[Tig] worth question

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Thu Nov 16 13:22:22 GMT 2006

a friend has a machine to sell, and is interested in finding out what it
is worth in today's market.

here is the message:

>           My company has a DaVinci 2k which we are
> looking at selling however I'm a little unsure about
> how to price it. It doesn't have all the bells and
> whistles that the newer ones have such as defocus
> plus, toolbox etc. It only has one tier and 8
> available windows which includes defocus.  Can you or
> anyone else give me an idea what it is worth? Thanks
> for any light you can shed on this.

anyone who can give a good sincere answer to this is entitled to
a "support" position on the tig because it may be sold via the tig.

best regards

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