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I am a commercial colorist and have been on a Millennium for almost 5 years.
I do not have the DataMill software package, but the scanning capability is
the same.  The Millennium/DataMill names are not as well recognized as the
Grass Valley and/or Spirit name.  The Spirit gained such international
recognition (rightfully so) over all predecessors, that some people may as
well have "Spirit" tattooed on themselves.

Although the Millennium, Shadow, Spirit 2k and several other
scanner/telecines have emerged since the introduction of the Spirit, few
products have ever had the same impact on our industry as the Spirit.  Our
facility houses two Spirits, a Millennium and a Y-Front telecine.  The
images from our Millennium have never been questioned; name recognition has
been the only occasional resistance to this machine.

I cannot speak for images produced by the Shadow, but I will proudly stand
behind the incredibly sharp, stunningly saturated, romantic and filmic
images from the Millennium.  I do tons of SD, HD and minimal 2k scanning.
The resolution and color reproduction from this machine is unbelievable.  

My machine has been upgraded to the MII including the new lenses.  I am not
trying to incite any mud slinging, but I would challenge anyone to
differentiate the Millennium scans from those of any Spirit I.  Again, I
have done minimal 2k and/or 4k scanning.  Our market is a commercial one,
and has not yet required extensive scanning and/or DI work.

The full color bandwidth and 4k optimized resolution from the Millennium
amazes me on a daily basis.  This machine has required its fair share of TLC
over the years, but then so has nearly every other piece of gear in my

I found and posted to our server a couple of .jpg scans actually scanned
prior to our MII upgrade.


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We were currently looking at the Datamill to make our SD film
transfers.  However
Grass Valley offers the Shadow telecine.  What would a colorist or a
director prefer?  Which one has more quality according to your
experience?  What
is the "real" distance between the Shadow and the Spirit on an SD transfer?
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