[Tig] Oxberry scanners

Andreas Wideroe Andersen andreas-ml at wideroe.net
Fri Nov 24 09:14:47 GMT 2006

Very interesting!

Any chance of seeing some splits?

Does anyone have other sample images of frames 
captured on an Oxberry? Would love to see some.



At 23:56 23.11.2006, you wrote:
>I recently spoke to someone who did some splits between an Oxberry and a
>new Spirit4k ...  I saw those splits and the Oxberry blew the Spirit
>away by about 1.6km
>Graham Collett
>Sprockets(telecine) Ltd
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>I was wondering if anyone use the Oxberry
>scanners for scanning new productions in 16mm and
>35mm to high resolution (3-4k) digital files or
>are these machines mainly used for archival footage?
>Could they be used for new productions? Why/why not?
>I'm also interested in hearing user experiences with these machines.
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