[Tig] Shadow or Datamill

Jim Mann jfmann at optonline.net
Fri Nov 24 13:15:08 GMT 2006

Hello Renzo,

Shadow or Datamill........Hmmmmm

I can relate some personal experiences. First the disclaimer....when the MII
rolled out I was hired by Cintel for the product demos at NAB or IBC, I
can't remember which. I was very happy with what I saw. The pictures had the
wonderful rich CRT character, and was consistent with the comments made by
Clay and Ben.

Willie Nelson's face has more lines than a Back Focus Chart.

BTW I also used the MII to transfer a 70mm project at the Cintel facility in
England a while ago. During this transfer I did blowups of 75% (Disabled the
scan Protection) with excellent results. 70mm on a Telecine is a riot,
hitting play is like Fast Forward on 35mm. Triple check that lacing!

My first real experience with the Shadow was in Rio. In the space of about a
month I did a small truck load of spots in both 16mm and 35mm. I was happy
with this machine. It preformed well in combo with the daVinci 2K plus and a
Scream. I walked away with a positive view.

Then I did not use one for about 18 months.

Recently I have use 4 different Shadows in different facilities. All 4
suffer from chronic problems of dirt getting caught in the scanner head.
This dirt will manifest itself as tram lines running down the picture. (The
Film was fine and safe.) Some looked just like a emulsion scratch and can
cause momentary heart failure. The solution to this is to take down the
film, clean the head, and re-FPN the machine, all of this takes time and the
clock is always ticking. One Shadow was very noisy in the way it handles
overexposed film. I do not know why this is as the other three did a
adequate job.

Good Luck,


Jim Mann
Freelance Colorist
New York City, USA
Mobile 516-250-0909

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