[Tig] Shadow or Datamill

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Nov 24 16:05:14 GMT 2006

> I cannot speak for images produced by the Shadow, but I will  
> proudly stand
> behind the incredibly sharp, stunningly saturated, romantic and filmic
> images from the Millennium.  I do tons of SD, HD and minimal 2k  
> scanning.
> The resolution and color reproduction from this machine is  
> unbelievable.

I too, after 6 years working with Spirits, was absoloutely enthralled  
by the images
from a well-tuned Millennium, which I found in New Zealand a couple  
of years ago.
It was like, to me, WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING -- this is what I've  
been missing with
Spirits.    I couldn't get enough of the pictures from this  
particular Millennium and the
Spriit was like blah.     (although, you can take Spirit blah and  
make it look great; only
problem is it doesn't have that depth, that perspective that the best  
tube machine has).

I don't work for nor receive any money or promotional considerations  
from Thomson/GV
or from Cintel or (ITK).   This is a completely unbiased opinion.

Rob Lingelbach

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