[Tig] Shadow or Datamill

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Nov 24 16:52:57 GMT 2006

> The filmic and Romantic look is up to the skill and craft of the  
> DOP and Colourist.
> I also don't work for nor receive any money or promotional  
> considerations from Thomson/GV
> or from Cintel or (ITK).   This is also a completely unbiased opinion.

well i don't think there's any way to win this debate, it's a matter  
of taste.  Some are ok with consumer
CDs, others get headaches from certain qualities including loss of  
dynamic range.   (i guess this is oranges
and apples, but you get the idea.)   Anyway it's really nice to have  
a choice, if that choice were to evaporate
(and it almost has, for telecines) we'd all be the poorer.


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