[Tig] Oxberry scanners

Jason Crump jasoncrump at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 19:26:46 GMT 2006

Hi Tim,
interesting. makes sense. I agree it is definatly silly to send a final
grade to VFX. But do you find it to be more advantagous to have a raw scan
versus a basic primary grade where channels are simply shifted without
affecting the integrity of the channel in an effort to balance the channels
or to bring them between 95 and 685 if the scan is over or under? Or for
example, say a grade that does change the integrity of the channels by
shifting the gamma in the green to remove a green cast that some scanners or
HD cameras give?

I was under the impression that better keys could be pulled from a basic
balanced image. am i off here?


I disagree (being a VFX person). We do want to know where CC is heading,
> though, so graded samples are welcome. Most of the tme when we get
> pregraded
> material, someone went nuts with the secondaries and we spend most of our
> time
> fighting our way back to something usable. This is especially egregious
> with BS/GS
> plates. We like to get straight Cineon files with a proper DMin
> calibration,
> and that's all.
> Tim Sassoon
> SFD vfx & creative post
> Santa Monica, CA
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