[Tig] RE: Tig Digest, Vol 8, Issue 4

timothy norman huber timothyhuber at mac.com
Wed Nov 29 22:24:54 GMT 2006

I think I understand.  the editor changed the time of day the scene  
takes place, and therefor the plate color needs to change to match  
the rest of the scene.   Right Doug?

On Nov 29, 2006, at 1:54 PM, Rob Lingelbach wrote:

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>> and i've also been in the unfortunately contentious positon of  
>> having to tell comp supervisors that the 5 days of color wedging  
>> they've done on a vfx sequence to get color just right was going  
>> to change in DI because of a time of day shift due to editorial  
>> changes.
> Hi Doug, could you explain what you mean by the last 14 words of  
> that sentence?  thanks.
> Rob
> http://www.colorist.org/robhome.html

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