[Tig] (was Oxberry) scanners

Jason Crump jasoncrump at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 08:36:18 GMT 2006

Hi Chris,
agreed. agreed. and i have a feeling the big players who do understand the
fundamentals are the ones pushing the limits to get an edge. fun stuff.

Interesting comment! What sort of scanner was it,

It was a DSX.  I was told that it requires the LUTE card to get that level
of control. I am not sure if that is actually true. And i don't know if that
card made changes on the A->D level or from CV-->CV. I just know that the
default scan LUT that is used in that machine could not produce a closed
loop setup. I have a feeling a skilled tech. may be able to go in and change
the LUT by flashing the prom or something. something i am under-qualified to
do. It also seemed to show the same issue i am finding in the other
telecine/scanners... a drop in the midtones....especially if you turned on
Oliver on this one.

> and why did you feel you needed to expand the dynamic range?

I was trying to establish a "closed loop" setup. Before I came, the facility
was scanning -->digital opticals-->recording without grading. The film
timers at the lab were saying that everything that was coming under from the
scanner. Meaning that the jump from previous shot to the dig. optical showed
a difference of 10-12 printer points. Lights were around the high teens and
low 20's. You can always push and pull the other machines in the loop...like
we tried offsetting CV's, input LUT's, and push processing. Push processing
showed the best results. Oh yea. definitely worth noting that they were
recording on a CRT recorder and it couldn't get the kind of d-max that the
arri can.

All i basically wanted from the scanner is... if i have a given density, i
want the sensor to give the correct cineon CV straight out of the A->D
conversion without any down-stream CV->CV luts. And this machine was not
giving this. At that time my only goal was to get it to cineon....then to
see if there are ways to improve it. It wasn't until i saw scans from this
one oxberry that i started thinking of the benefits of possibly going
outside the guidelines of cineon on the scan.


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