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Thu Sep 7 08:26:31 BST 2006

Hi Peter,

> the main question, Can digital camera sensors
> match film emulsions.

You just know what my answer to this is; and as someone who has actually had
the chance to compare both mediums in real world situations I can speak with
some authority... but, it does still depend on your needs and final

However, trying to say film is better for any reason is ignoring the reality
of the situation. Evolution is a human trait, and the only consistency in
this world is change.

Forget what is better - for what ever esoteric reason - and understand the
potential, both now and for the future, of digital. It's not going to go
away, and spending time and energy attempting to support film as a superior
medium is a waste of both :o) 

I like film as a creative tool, but know I can mimic that in digital.

In my view, the only reason film works today is that it has some 100 years
experience behind it, while digital is very new.

Imagine if the situation were reversed; we had been using digital for over
100 years, and some bright spark just invented something called 'film' than
needed obnoxious chemicals to make it work; had to be managed in the dark;
scratched easily; had inbuilt noise as a feature; the image degenerated with
each process... do you think it would be taken seriously?

Now, if you want to talk about 'digital' microfilm for long-term archive of
images I'm interested - or I would be if such a system existed!

It's early in the morning (for me being a bit of a night owl), and I'm

See you all at IBC.


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